Thursday, February 14, 2013

Salmagundi Joins the MOSTrail

Salmagundi Joins the MOSTrail 

Salmagundi studios will open its doors to the public as part of the Marrickville Open Studios Trail (MOST) on March 9 and 10. It’s a prime opportunity for gallerists, collectors and lovers of art to explore studios and meet artists.

Salmagundi means a mix of random elements. It’s also the name of a type of stew cooked on pirate ships. True to its name, the Arncliffe warehouse boats a diverse mix of over twenty artists. Many have post graduate qualifications and exhibit regularly on the local and international stage.  A range of media is represented at the studios, including painting, sculpture, jewellery, print making, performance, installation and animation.

To celebrate the open weekend, the Salmagundi gallery space will showcase major works, a 9.5 tonne truck will be transformed into an outdoor sculpture and refreshments will be available.

A barbecue for all MOST artists will be held on Saturday, 9 March from 5.00pm at Salmagundi, and you are welcome to join us for that too.

WHEN:     9 & 10 March 2013, 11.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.

WHERE:  49 Bonar Street, Arncliffe

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flight - This Saturday! From 6pm!

This Saturday Night - 49 Bonar St, Arncliffe - 10 minutes walk from wolli creek station

"If you wanna fly, you gotta give up the shit that weighs you down." - Toni Morrison
Do you dream of flying? When presented with the dilemma, "fight or flight", is your first instinct to opt for the better part of valour? Have you, through necessity or expedience, had to flee a situation or locale? Do you indulge in flights of fancy? When about to embark on a flight, do feel excitement, anticipation or dread?

An obsession for artists, dreamers, visionaries and inventors throughout time, analogous for ambitions and fantasies, and now such a common practice it's positively mundane. But next time your heading on a flight, just remember you're sitting in a 400 tonne machine, flying through the air, 11 kilometres up in the sky, at around 900 kmh - the correct reaction is FUUCK!

Featuring Blubberbots
The Autonomous aerial creations of Jed Berk (USA)

Archival UFO Footage from:
Western Suburbs Aeronautical & Space Administration

Music and Performance

Jack Nastyface

Le Gato Gruff


Guest Exhibition Artists Include:

Rod Nash
Mike Turner
Hiske Weijers
Brian Paisley
Pete Strong
Simon MacEwan
Dean Sewell
Terry Archer
Anna McSwain
H (Helen Morgan-Harris)
Dean Christ
Jemila MacEwan
Garth Knight
Tony Sawrey

Pippa Willison
Meghan Rheynolds
Mark Swartz
Emily Valentine
Cecilie Knowles
Jasmin Poole
Ganbold Lundaa
Gustavo Balboa
Paola Talbot
Cigdem /aydemir
Flavio Campagna Kampah
Zio Ledeux
Seraphina Martin
Lawrence McDonell
Jenny Orchard
Simon Alexander Cook
Sophie Verrecchia

Salmagundi (current and former) Artists Include:
Sarah Harvie (Solidair)
Dillon MacEwan (Mekazoic)
Pierre Cavalan
Ramie Moussa
Melissa Harvey
Cathy Weiszmann
Sitt Sitlacone
Kassandra Bossell
Kay Orchison
Paul Raymond
Oliver Fitty
Dave Peacock
Laura Jean Lyons
Annabelle Personeni
Jo Shand

Cecilie Knowles
Jasmine Poole
Ganbold Lundaa

and probably afew i don't know about yet!

Come along and celebrate out second anniversary!

Art! Drink! Be Merry!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Supernature Exhibition


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Salmagundi Studios

Salmagundi Studios was founded in Arncliffe, Sydney in June, 2009 and currently houses 20+ artists from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, including painting, sculpture, multimedia, prop making, photography and object art. We have a gallery space where we host the occasional show, and have hired the space out for a number of video clip shoots.